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Today is Clock Day!

2009-08-15 13:29:15 by iWaffles


I dont understand why everyone is crying and screaming: OMG! Michael is dead! OMG! He was only 50 years old! OMG! BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah! Seriously, STFU! We all know Michael Jackson is dead. Stop there. We don't want to know some more. " But, he was the king of pop..." I DON'T CARE! Michael Jackson was a person like the others. I don't care if he's a celebrity. He's human ( I'm not sure about this point, but you know what's my intention). If I died, nobody on newgrounds would care. But if Tom Fulp died, Everyone would be running in circles and screaming. I don't care. So stop talking about it. I DON'T CARE! I think it's simple. AND IF YOU COME AND COMMENT THIS POST TO COMPLAIN AGAINST ME, I'LL RIP OFF YOURE BALLS AND SELL THEM ON EBAY!


2009-06-20 18:30:17 by iWaffles

I'm so happy! They finally put an art portal. I can now show my (noobish) talents! HURRAY!


2009-03-08 19:20:43 by iWaffles

My friend finally posted his first game, Green Moon Lab. AND IT KICKS ASSES! His first post on newgrounds is a frontpage and a 3rd daily winner... AND IM FREAKIN PROUD!
And, yea, I offered to be his artist for the sequel, just to have a better quality, but he didn't answered to the question... well, ( how can I finish this post... Oh, I know!)



2008-11-15 10:05:55 by iWaffles

Yea, I'm new here. You must say: Hey! youre the one that write stupid reviews and that don't even do flashes!

It's called : Porky's Kra-Z farm

So just be patient till I finish it.

Here's a picture for your patience!